Looking for quality Singapore pre-wedding photography studio

If you have not helped any family, siblings or friends with their wedding planning before, then planning for your own wedding might certainly seem very daunting… especially with all the administrative and back end work you need to do e.g. booking a suitable restaurant for your wedding day banquet, looking for professional make up artists, hiring a good and quality pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore, engaging a photographer and/or videographer for your actual day ceremony e.t.c.

The truth is, you’re right! There are a lot of things to be done for a couple’s wedding in Singapore, but it can be done smoothly if you know how to plan. In this post, I’ll focus on teaching you how to find a good pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore, because that’s one of the biggest concerns that couples pose to me.

First of all, before you go out and search for a pre-wedding photography studio, make sure to discuss carefully with your fiance on what type of photographs he or she thinks is good. Because everyone has different opinions of what makes a wedding photo beautiful, you should check it out with your fiance first and come to a combined conclusion that fits both of your tastes.

Second of all, just Google search them. There are tons of pre-wedding photography studios in Singapore that you can find on Google. I would recommend picking out and listing them and then pick out the 3 photography studios whose bridal images suits you and your fiance’s tastes the most.

Third of all, email or call these studios and ask them for their quotes and levels of services. Finally pick the one studio that falls within your designated budget for a pre-wedding photographer. If there are more than one or all 3 pre-wedding photography studio suits your budget, then you might want to check out their levels of services for the packages. Do all of them provide the exact same things within their package? More often than not, it is different. Some companies may offer free make up artist services while others may offer things such as discounts with affiliated gown rental companies in Singapore. You need to look through all of these and make a decision based on that.

Finally, if all of the 3 studios offer exactly the same things, have the same level of quality as well as prices, then you need to sit down with you fiance and come to a careful conclusion. Or, you could also simply drop by the studio’s office to find out how the photographers’ working styles and personalities are before deciding because that can really impact your photographs. Some studios hire very passive photographers where the customers would direct them while they simply take the images and edit while others are very active in suggestions e.t.c.. Make sure you know what you and your fiance likes and go for it!