Why Choose Singapore Wedding Photography?

Although it is not obviously necessary that you should pick to have your photo shoot in Singapore, many couples in the South-East Asia region love coming to Singapore for their wedding photography. I strongly recommend that you pick Singapore Wedding Photography.

Singapore is small and regardless whether you prefer pre-wedding photos with a rural or urban backdrop, you would be able to have both taken within the same wedding photography session and within the same day as well. This is because you can travel from one point to another within Singapore within one hour. This makes it very convenient for your wedding photo shoot. You can have your photography session at East Coast Park and travel to Upper Seletar Reservoir only within 30 minutes. This allows for you to have wedding photographs with lots of different backgrounds in Singapore all within one day as long as you have a car or some form of private transport. (If you need help, some photographers can help you arrange for a private transportation too).

Singapore has lots of beautiful places for your wedding photo shoot. With the famous Gardens by the Bay to the less well known Pulau Ubin, there are both modern as well as rustic locations in Singapore for your photographs to be taken at. If you are from Singapore, then you would obviously know most of these locations – so you should go to more unique spots like Tuas grasslands or Upper Seletar Reservoir. On the other hand, if you’re a foreigner coming to Singapore for your wedding photo shoot only, then check out the world famous Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Hotel. These are favorite hot spots for tourists for their wedding photo shoots.

I really love the wedding photographs that the following couple has taken in Singapore. Just check them out, and you would definitely want to take your wedding photos in Singapore too!