Rent a wedding gown for your wedding photo shoot

A wedding photo shoot cannot do without a gorgeous wedding gown. That’s the unspoken standard these days. Every brides in Singapore dream of wearing their wedding gown to wedding photo and video shoots, as well as to the wedding banquets to captivate the guests. When people think of brides in a wedding photo or video shoot, the first image of the bride will be her wearing a wedding gown.

There are two options to getting a wedding gown in Singapore – you will either buy it or rent it. I will highly suggest a local wedding gown rental Singapore instead of a purchase. The very practical reason is that you will only be wearing the wedding gown once in your life and it is not wise spending a bomb on it and then putting the gown aside in your wardrobe for years.

When you are renting a wedding gown, you most probably will be spoil for choice. In huge wedding gown rental boutiques such as Grandeur Wedding Studio or Dream Wedding, you will be exposed to thousands of wedding gowns, with different designs, colors, and sizes. A woman can probably spend the entire afternoon in there trying out the wedding gowns.

Apart from your main taste and preferences, you should consult the wedding photographer on his professional opinions too. Why so?

It is very important for the wedding gown to suit the locations and lightnings which you will be holding your wedding photo shoot at. For example, if you are shooting in a place with dark backgrounds and/or dim lights, it is better to wear light colored wedding gowns such as white and yellow gowns. If you are shooting in a place with bright backgrounds and/or bright lights, it is better to wear dark colored wedding gowns such as blue gowns. Contrast is very important in photographs to make objects stand out. Of course, make one of your wedding gown a classic white one. As for the other colors of your wedding gowns, perhaps it is better to listen to the advice of your wedding photographer.