Beautiful Wedding Venues In Singapore City Center

There are lots of beautiful rural areas in Singapore still available for your wedding photo shoot if you prefer the outdoors and nature. However, not everyone might like the outdoors, and some prefer indoors and city area. That’s perfectly fine too!

Here are some of the best wedding venues in Singapore city center that you might want to check out if you are looking for inspiration.

  1. Fullerton Bay Hotel

One of the most beautiful locations in Singapore, it is situated right smack in the city center and yet still feels very spacious and calm. With the Marina Bay waters around it, Fullerton Bay Hotel is a grand place for weddings and couples who love the city but still wants to feel as though their wedding was held at a magical and secluded location might want to give Fullerton Bay Hotel a serious consideration. It should definitely be on the list of top wedding venues in Singapore.

2. Salt and Grill Sky Bar

For couples who wish to get married within the clouds of Singapore, they can opt to go to Salt and Grill Sky Bar 55 storeys above the ION Orchard. Located at the rooftop of the ION Orchard building in Singapore, Salt and Grill Sky Bar offers top Australian cuisine and can be converted into a beautiful venue for couples who love the idea of being married in the clouds:) They have really good food too.


A hot favorite for couples, it is located right smack in the middle of Singapore, and yet it feels as though it was situated on an island of its own. In fact, the moment you enter CHIJMES, you will find yourself in a different world, which doesn’t even feel like Earth. It feels like heaven. It’s amazing how it can evoke such emotions considering how it is situated in between high rise buildings like the Swissôtel The Stamford but you cannot hear the hustle and bustle of the roads once you enter it… Making it a very convenient yet peaceful location for couples who love this.

4. Parkroyal on Pickering


With a few branches in Singapore, the one on 3 Upper Pickering Street is a hot favorite of people who love architecture. For architecture buffs, you might want to consider having your wedding here. Additionally, they also have a very heavy ‘green’ theme throughout the hotel and focuses on using wood and natural materials for their building.

5. Swissôtel The Stamford

wedding at swissotel

One of the highest buildings in the city center of Singapore, Swissôtel The Stamford is a hot spot for couples who once again, love weddings in the clouds. The place is big, as it is also sometimes used as a center for business conventions. You would definitely have sufficient space here for your dream wedding.

4 Magical Wedding Photography Places In Singapore

Here are some of the most mystical looking places in Singapore that you can go to for your wedding photography Singapore (Check out if you need a good wedding photography studio in Singapore).

A. Upper Seletar Reservoir

upper seletar reservoir

One of the most scenic places on a clear day, Upper Seletar Reservoir is a hot favorite among couples who like taking their bridal pictures with nature as the backdrop. It is a truly amazing looking and serene place for wedding photography in Singapore.

In my opinion, it is one of the largest areas in Singapore where you cannot see any buildings even in the horizon. This is hard to find in such a city like Singapore where everywhere has high rise buildings as well as people. There are not many people at Upper Seletar Reservoir in Singapore too because it is extremely inconvenient unless you had a private car transport.

B. Sentosa Beaches

sentosa beach

Sentosa beaches are well-known for its wild parties, but it’s also a fantastic place and location for couples to get their pre-wedding photography session at! Look at how pretty Sentosa can be at night. Most couples take pre-wedding photos on Sentosa beaches in the day but some of them hold outdoor wedding dinners on the beaches and it can be a really exhilarating experience due to the sound of the sea hitting lightly against the soft sand with peace and serenity everywhere.

C. Hort Park

hort park

Full of beauty nature backdrops, Hort Park is the park version of Upper Seletar Reservoir. Both of them have the same feeling in that you cannot see most urban developments when there, but Hort Park obviously has many more trees and flora whereas Upper Seletar Reservoir is better for open-spaces.

D. Tuas

tuas wedding image

Even though most couples in Singapore associate Tuas with industrial developments and oil companies, that is not the whole truth. There are beautiful places of nature in the extreme West end of Singapore – Tuas. I assure you there is no other place in Singapore like Tuas if you love the open field concept of wedding photographs.

The above are truly beautiful places in Singapore you and your fiance should explore for your wedding photo shoot. Most people overlook these places and flock to popular ones such as Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay. Instead, you should opt for such places to make your wedding photos look more unique and perhaps even more stunning!

Amazing Wedding Photos Of Singapore Couples

Check out this very beautiful wedding photo by 2 of Us Photography.

2 of us wedding photograph

Personally, I think it looks like a wonderful image. (Although I have to admit that I prefer the overall setting and soft lighting created by the talented wedding photographer at 2 of Us photography over the spinning bride. I feel that the picture might look much more beautiful if the bride and groom had just been holding a stationary position or of them gazing into each others’ eyes.

However, other than that, i think it evokes a sense of amazement and beauty in my opinion. What do you think?

Now, let’s move on to a picture by Grandeur Wedding. I love this image because it looks so natural – it is a case where the bride is simply overwhelmed by the emotions of the wedding that she’s crying because she’s so touched. I think it’s a photograph taken during the actual day of the ceremony where they are on stage and the groom is probably telling everyone the story of how they met or how much he loves her.

bride touched

This is another picture, although I’m not sure who took this image.

couple in the fields

I think this image looks really cool. I am not sure who took this image but I think it looks really pretty. I like pictures of couples against the nature because it feels very natural. This is especially nice because the couple has a very smile and pose and it almost looks as though the wedding image was taken mid action while the couple was talking to each other.

Altogether, I like ‘real’ looking wedding photographs. I feel that such images convey a lot more emotions than a simple posed one.

I always advocate taking outdoor wedding photography when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoots, and getting an actual day wedding photographer whose portfolio is full of images which looks natural and beautiful.